Design Portfolio of James Aparis

Xbox Ambassador

Season Coins

Illustration | Branding


Xbox Ambassadors Program


Graphic Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator


1.73 in (4.445cm)

The Xbox Ambassadors program is a community of gamers and gamers alike that empowers others to enjoy playing their games, have fun, create a sense of belonging, and keep it safe for everyone.

In celebrating the launch and season of the Top 100 Xbox Ambassadors program, I design three-season challenge coins that are awarded to the top ambassadors. The design of the coins is based on attributes in video games.

Handled: Visual

Collaborated: Producer, Project & Production Manager

Season 12

The Season 12 coin attribute is Strength, which symbolizes vigor, courage, power, and vitality.

Since the season ran in February, which is the time that Orion’s stars shine bright, it was featured in the far right as a part of an Easter egg. Therefore, the magical twisted tree of this design is a representation of being strong and light.

Concept & Exploration

Coin One

Season 13

The Season 13 coin attribute is Knowledge, which symbolizes the path to a quest, exploration, and journey.

The rocket design portrays the phases of exploration through planets, meteors, and a pathway to discovery.

Concept & Exploration

Coin Two

Season 14

The Season 14 coin attribute is Magic, which symbolizes a fairy tale world. With this in mind, I designed the image of the magical flying unicorn for this coin.

I pushed the limits to create an elegant and beautiful image that goes beyond reason, and one that can be found in dreams and fairy tale stories.

Concept & Exploration

Coin Three