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Xbox Assist

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Xbox Assist

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Troubleshooter Vision Flow

Teaching Tip Hub


UX/UI Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator,

Figma, RedlinerTool

As part of a huge scale updating of the Xbox Assist console, one of the several difficulties and ideas was to study the “magic” utilizing telemetry-based solutions, which had not previously existed.

Xbox Assist is Xbox’s guide to new features, how-to videos, and more.

The new approach to an upgraded version of the Assist was to develop it with the user in mind, in order to promote and improve engagement with the Xbox environment.

Handled: User Experience & Interface

Collaborated: Leads, Designers, Project Manager, Devs

Troubleshooters Vision Articles

The Troubleshooters were asked to offer a future proposal for

re-engaging consumers in gaming under the category of Xbox Assist.

Feedback and group dialogues were collected in order to understand

how to construct a flow of experience.

User Flow

Previous Article > New Approach

One large area was to address and resolve issues that have already

disrupted a user’s experience by streamlining solutions pathways.

Current Flow

Creates a cumbersome pathway in which users will end their search.

Research & Feedback

Based on the research and feedback, I built a flow of the experience to lower

the number of steps by employing carousel animations, which visually displays

the simplest route to reintroduce users back into gaming.

Entry Tiles to Topics

Entry pathway to the topic issues (e.g., My controller is not working).


This animated demo allows users to follow a simple and visual pathway.

(Prototype demo 19 sec)

Slide Out Menu

In some cases, steps can exceed the number of pathways; instead of digging deep

into pages of steps, users can archive by utilizing the history list to navigate back.

(Prototype demo 15 sec)

Teaching Tips Hub

The Teaching Tips hub was created to personalize users

targeted segment and behaviors in their eligibility to 

New to service, Casual users, and Highly engaged users.

User Flow + Wireframing

Xbox Home Twist to the Teaching Tips Hub

Home Entry

The entry point is from the HOME Teaching Tips tile, which can go directly to a tip

or to the new hub with targeted tips and a full inventory to explore.

Content Area

There are several recommendations accessible, however, they are tailored based on a user's targeted group and activity.

Targeting segments user by eligibility:

New to Service

Casual User

Highly Engaged User

Tile size ramp

Template configurations

Redline & Specs

The team utilized an app called RedlinerTool, which is a Microsoft proprietary plugin for Adobe Illustrator. This was our go-to method for transferring designs to developers.

Illustrated Tiles

The illustrations are to engage a fun environment while navigating

through the related tips, so users don’t feel intimidated or lost.

These are pre-illustrated Microsoft illustrations and re-positioned

to combine a visual for each behavior tip.