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Xbox Insider Program

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Xbox Insider


Visual Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator,

Xbox Avatar Editor


Xbox Wire


In rebranding, the customer-facing app of the Xbox Insider Program with a million users globally, a redesign of the creative vision of the next Xbox Insider Hub was to take intro to the next level.

The Hub is an app that features early access and sneak peeks into the latest content on Xbox.

The new design of the astronaut is a representation of "being the first to explore and discover” which is what the users are demanding; being the first to discover and test upcoming games with early access for Xbox gamers before the release to the general public.

Handled: Visual, Branding

Collaborated: Leads, Project Manager, Devs

Hero Images

Primary visual used consistently

across all elements

Secondary visual

Concept Design

Icons & Usage

The Xbox Insider logo is the primary branding

element used throughout the Insider ecosystem.

The form is in the shape of the astronaut helmet,

which ties back to exploration and discovery.

Console App

Web Pages

Xbox Wire | Xbox Insiders | Twitter

Flight Ring icons

The icons are considered phases of the beta test and stage of degrees.

Since the naming is based on the Greek alphabet, the redesign of the

icons are a reflection of the Greek symbols as part of the new ring icons.

Flight Ring icons

Common Flight Rings

Xbox Wire w/ Flight Rings

Team swags