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There are over 80 million users on the Xbox Subscribers. is THE online resource for Xbox customer support, for enabling gamers back to gameplay.

The objective is to incentivize and allow console, PC, and mobile gamers to assist themselves by offering customized, predictive, and actionable data and experiences. The site was outdated and needed a makeover.

I was in charge of the design process for flows, wireframes, and case studies. Vision flows, interactions and page animations are also provided for future vision demands.

Handled: Users Experience, Users Interface, Visual

Collaborated: Leads, Designers, Project Managers, Devs

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The redesign concentrates on increasing users empathy,

providing smart insights, and having great prospects.

• Personalized Notification

• Smarter Search

• Readability & Browsing Improvements

Working with Fluent UI

The Xbox Support is based on the Fluent UI Web Components and is used all across the channels to establish and deliver the Microsoft ecosystem.


Anatomy of the article page.

Research Cases

A case study of how other support sites are used.

Entry & End Point Research

In an event of needing support from a site, things can get a bit of a challenge.

Researching scenarios of what other apps have succeeded and have not.


Modal Prototype

A Slide-Left menu modal diving

into the categories.

Xbox Support Twitter

The remodeling of the Xbox Support website aims to avoid

straight text and to develop an Xbox Support Twitter with

images and supporting responses.

This was implemented across the following channels:

Twitter, Xbox Assist, mobile, and the Support Xbox web page.

Visual Design

In collaborating with a copywriter and project manager

I was able to help generate higher engagement by

incorporating tweets with visual elements.

Methods & Explorations