Xbox Assist

Troubleshooters Vision Flow

Part of a large scale in revamping the consoles Xbox Assist, one of the many topics and proposals was to explore the "magic" through telemetry-based solutions, which has not been in existence. In a category of the Xbox Assist, the Troubleshooters were asked to share a future vision in how to capture users back into gaming. Feedback and group discussions were collected to learn how to create the flow of experience and create a new look.

Based on the research and feedback, I created a flow of the experience to reduce the number of steps, by using carousel animation that visually illustrates the simplest way to navigate users back into gaming.

Role: Visual Designer, UI

Tools: Photoshop, Powerpoint

Entry Tiles and Topics

Carousel animated demo (19 sec)

Chevron menu animated demo (10 sec)

Slide out menu animated demo (15 sec)

Steps to a history list, in which you can navigate back.